24th to 27th October 2018

Written by William Nicholson

A touching play about the relationship between Oxford don and author CS Lewis and the American writer Joy Gresham.

Lewis (a devout Christian) once preached that one should endure suffering with patience, but finds that the simple answers he had preached no longer apply when Joy becomes afflicted with cancer and eventually dies.

Children's Theatre

Our next children's production of A Spell of Bad Weather will take place on November 3rd.

When Grizelda, the trainee sorceress, releases Ann T. Cyclone from the Four Seasons bottle by mistake, she jeopardizes her chances of joining the Magic Circle. Can Denzil the dragon and Wizzo the wizard help her put things right?

Tickets priced at £2.50 (£2.25 groups of 10 or more) with children under 2 admitted free of charge

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